Pricing - at GBW we do not price gouge. When pricing we base this off what it costs to make/buy wholesale plus the cost to recover shipping, repurchasing, rent for event tables, and to make a profit. For example if something costs 140 euro chances are you can divide it by 5 to get an idea of what it cost us to purchase just one of those items.
We can assure you that our items are not poorly made products that we buy for cheap and then resell to you. These items are handmade and take a lot of work to make it to you wherever you see us. Some items may be priced higher based on materials used or how rare the item is etc. If you do not see an item again, it likely was either one-of-a-kind or we were only able to sell it for slightly above the buying price, thus cannot afford to rebuy it.
Story - GBW started from my world travels, particularly in South Africa when I was there in 2016. I began bringing back handmade jewelry and bags and selling them online or at markets throughout the city I lived in. I had an etsy shop called Global Black Woman (which I am having a hard time recovering after closing it a few years ago). 
After taking a trip to Conakry, Guinea 2021, I met Mr Keita, a local art dealer and shop owner, who supported me greatly during my very stressful trip. I had fallen sick with malaria and covid simultaneously while traveling with a group of people that treated me quite badly. Keita had amazing art, some of which I purchased. I decided that I loved his art so much and wanted to extend my gratitude to him and his community of local artisans by buying from them and selling to you.
Additionally, I travel quite regularly to Accra, Ghana where some of the most amazing handmade jewelry is in abundance. Spending much of my time in Germany, I find that it is difficult to get Black art and African jewelry like I am used to. I grew up in New York City where these things along with local made shea and cocoa butter products were easy to find. 
These products are not so easy to find. So I make them or buy them and bring them to you. I hope you will enjoy.
Who you support - when you buy from GBW you support the local economy and artists in Ghana and Conakry. You support Keita and his shop and myself and my aspirations to sell great handmade jewelry and other products which are not easy to come by. You also support the handmade skincare products which are made in my kitchen unless otherwise mentioned. 
Both Ghana and Guinea are two countries which have suffered greatly under colonialism. While Ghana has a lot of press and seems to be a new Utopia, the local people are often left struggling because of the tourism industry and its gentrification. Guinea is in an even more vulnerable position as it is one of the poorest countries in Africa. Xenophobia and racism makes it difficult for the people to have access to the financial resources and the liberation it can provide.
As an immigrant freelancer in Berlin and New York, how I survive is based on how I can monetize my passions and my talents. Supporting this shop goes beyond what you can see. it reaches across waters and gives you an opportunity to experience some of Africa without having to leave the continent.